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What is a reversed forecast bet? | Bet Types Explained | Timeform

A reversed forecast bet - sometimes abbreviated simply to RF - is almost exactly the same as a straight forecast bet, but with one notable difference. While in a straight forecast bet you have to correctly predict the participants finishing first and second in the exact order they finish, in a reverse forecast bet your two selections can finish either first or second and you still win.

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A reverse forecast bet combines two straight forecast bets into a single bet. This bet covers the two variations in finishing order for two entries finishing a race in the top two. For example, say you place a £2 reverse forecast bet that horse A and horse B will take the first two places in a race.

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What is a Reverse Forecast bet? Two selections are made in order to predict the exact 1-2 order in a race. However, as you are backing all scenarios, they can finish in either order. A reverse forecast bet can actually be thought of as two straight forecasts and therefore requires a double unit stake.

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A reverse forecast is two straight forecast bets i.e: 1st horse selected to beat 2nd horse selected and 2nd horse selected to beat 1st horse selected. So you choose two selections and it is two separate forecast bets. What is a combination forecast? This is the same as a reverse forecast. A combination forecast is all possible forecasts in all-possible orders.

What is a reverse forecast bet and how does it work?

A reverse forecast (sometimes called a Dual Forecast) is a bet in which you predict the first and second-placed finishers in an event in any order. Find out how it works

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The Reverse Forecast is a bet on two runners finishing 1st and 2nd in one half and the reverse in the second half of the bet. It is effectively two straight forecasts with opposing predicted results meaning the stake is double compared to a Straight Forecast. This is illustrated below.

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What Is A Reverse Forecast? A bet requiring selections to finish in either order. This time if Chelsea finish first and Man City finish second or Man City finish first an Chelsea finish second but this is two bets and so is twice the stake.

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A reverse forecast is for your selections that comes in first and second, can come in also in the reverse order. So that is effect two bets. Example. 1.50 at Newmarket, No. 1x2 Reverse Forecast or...