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Volleyball Uniform Rules and Regulations

Volleyball uniforms are very different from those worn in other sports because they are often designed to be skin-tight, so as not to get in the way during this fast-paced, close-contact sport. The rules for uniforms at the high school and collegiate level differ somewhat as well. High School; The volleyball uniform consists of a top and bottom or sometime a one-piece.

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the typical uniform in volleyball is spandex or shorts and a jersy, long sox cort shoes or sneakers, ankle braces, and knee pads. Wiki User ∙ 2010-03-22 16:54:13

Why Does One Volleyball Player Wear a Different Jersey ...

A libero can be substituted in or out just like any other player. However, when one player comes off the bench to play libero, that person also needs to be wearing a jersey colored the same as the starting libero's jersey. For this reason, some leagues require all potential liberos to be dressed in their alternate jersey even when on the bench.

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In Volleyball if a team is using a Libero, they will wear a different uniform or different color jersey. The reason they must wear a different Uniform is because this clearly indicates to the officials that this player may substitute in and out of the court as many times as they like and without seeking confirmation first.

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Introduction. Volleyball uniforms say a lot about the team it represents. It's important when you're designing your team's uniform that it represents the style and team spirit you want to convey, but knowing the rules can ensure that your team is in compliance with general rulings, but remember that rules can vary from one organization to another. The following are general rules that you can expect your organization to have to be in compliance with, gleaned from various sources.

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The libero, which literally means “free” in Italian, is something of a magical position because it is allowed, by rule, to ignore most of the normal rotation and substitution rules in volleyball. Like soccer, volleyball limits the number of substitutions allowed. Teams are allowed six substitutions per set in international play but the ...


NFHS VOLLEYBALL JERSEY RULES (2018‐19) RULE 4‐2‐1: ART. 1…All teammates, with the exception of the libero whose uniform shall meet the requirements of 4‐2‐ 2, shall wear a like‐colored uniform top and bottom, one or two pieces: a. Like‐colored uniform top: 1.

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Indoor volleyball uniforms consist of a jersey, shorts, socks and light, flexible athletic with rubber soles. While some player's may wear elbow pads, knee pads and ankle braces for extra support and safety, they're not required.