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Physical Education B Unit 2: Lesson 7: Volleyball Skills ...

C. Skill used to finish a point D. Hitting the ball to an empty part of the playing area E. More difficult of the two types of serves F. The serve used more by novices G. The boundary where the serve is made H. The apparatus used to divide the field of play I. Version of volleyball played six-on-six J. Version of volleyball played two-on-two

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Volleyball Skills. (forearm pass) method of passing the ball by hitting it off a spot on the lower forearms (just above the wrists and between the elbows) arms held together not in a seining motion, ***Technique (grip - fist and wrap, arms straight, thumbs together, wrists down, bent knees, hips back, shoulders forward, arms straight, roll elbows up, hit sweet spot between the elbows and wrists) swings arms from 7 to 9 o'clock toward target, don't cross feet.

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passing & setting. skills that are used during the normal flow of a volleyball game; if contact with the ball is made above shoulder level, use a set; if contact with the ball is made below shoulder level, use a pass. spiking/hitting.

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- Ensure they use two skills that can positively transfer eg chest pass in netball and basketball. - The coach must make it realistic to the sport using the same movement - Explain the elements that will positively transfer eg serving action in tennis and volleyball - Must provide positive reinforcement eg praise - Planned progression passing ...

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Because its enormous popularity as a spectator sport. Which of the following are key elements when batting? D All of the above. Choose a side of home plate to bat from depending on whether you are right or left- handed. Both feet inside or on the lines of the batter's box. hands positioned one on top of the other on the handle of the bat.

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OHSVCA COACHES’ CLINIC... skills, drills & more! Presented by: Tina Jasinowski, Alter Girls' & Boys' Varsity Volleyball Coach Page 2 fundamental skills checklist serving lift - palm flat and facing up, "lift" the ball not higher than a ball width (or two) above head