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Substitutions in Volleyball

Substitution Total Subs - Substitution in Volleyball. Each team is allowed a total of 12 subs per set. When a team has taken it's 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th team substitutions, the second referee... After administering the 9th sub, the second referee indicates to the coach or captain that 9 subs have been used.

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Indoor volleyball teams with 6 players on the court are allowed a max of 6 substitutions per set. The volleyball substitution rules: Substitutes can replace players of the starting line-up only once per set. Substitutes must stand in the official substitution zone off of the court.

Volleyball Substitution Rules

By a player who has never played in the set or a player who has played in the same position earlier in the set: By any legal player on the bench, regardless of previous position played. An injured/ill player replaced by an exceptional substitution may not re-enter a set in which the exception substitution takes place.

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A volleyball substitution is when a player (or more than one) leaves the game and is replaced by a player from the bench.

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The player can only be subbed in for that position. Meaning that when a player is subbed in, he or she won’t be able to change his or her original rotational position. Although libero are not bonded by this rule. 2. During Substitution, Substitute Must Stand In The Official Substitution Zone Off The Court. Where do substitutes stay on the court?

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During the substitution one volleyball player leaves the game and another player takes his/her position on the court. The substitution is the act in the volleyball game that has its own rules. There are certain limitations as well as exceptions when it comes to volleyball substitutions. How do substitutions work in the sport of volleyball?

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Every officiated volleyball match will have a set aside for the purposes of monitoring substitutions. This allows officials to properly govern over the rules you are learning about here. Substitutes must enter the game from the official substitution zone. If they do not, the player will not be recognized by the referee and ushered into the game.

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The USAV domestic competition rules allow teams to substitute the same player multiple times within a set as long as the teams do not exceed their 12-substitution limit. Players can only reenter the game in their original positions within the team's rotation. Libero. The Libero position has existed in volleyball since 1998.