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Tennis Tutor ProLite User Manual - Mountain Tennis and ...

Tansporting Tennis Tutor ProLite Remove all the tennis balls and close the ball hopper before transporting Tennis Tutor ProLite. Lift and carry Tenths Tutor ProLite using the carrying handle. Do not store Tennis Tutor ProLite in the trunk of a car. Heat build-up inside a car trunk can reach 180 degrees, which may damage your machine.

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Tennis Tutor Plus Manual - Masterpiece

Tennis Tutor will 'beep' each time it receives a command from the remote transmitter. Remote Control for 2-line - To stop and start ball throws in 2-line mode push the ball feed button of the remote when Tennis Tutor is moving between the two throwing positions.

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Tennis Tutor. Tennis Tutor Prolite. Note that I’ve collected these from various sources over the years, and so their quality may vary from electronic versions of the original manfacturers’ manuals to scanned or user-edited documents. Whilst I do review them for usefulness, I can’t guarantee their accuracy – you use them at your own risk!

Pickleball Tutor Drill Manual

Pickleball Tutor Drill Manual Full Version The Pickleball Tutor ball machine manufactured by Sports Tutor, one of the leading sports ball machine makers in the world. OnCourt OffCourt is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Pickleball Tutor, and the Pickleball Tutor can be


Sports Tutor is the only tennis machine manufacturer with a tennis court at its own factory, which we use in the design, testing, and quality control phases of machine development. We also play tennis on it too! Being tennis players helps us understand your needs.

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If transporting a ball machine from your car to an AC outlet would be a problem, this option is for you. It allows Tennis Tutor Plus models to be powered by an External Battery Pack (included), which weighs only 13.5 pounds and includes a built-in battery charger.

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The inside of a tennis tutor ball machine, with the cover removed, showing the operation of the motors, elevator and oscillator.

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Tennis Tutor Ball Machine Set-up


TENNIS TUTOR BALL MACHINE HOW TO REPLACE BATTERY Product Link 7AH Battery: https://amzn.to/2QcJyMR Product Link 9AH Battery: https://amzn.to/2PPpKArIf you ...