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No, reaching over the net with your racket is not allowed in tennis. You need the ball to have reached your side of the court first. The only exception to this is if the ball lands on your side and either due to the spin on the ball or the wind, the ball bounces back over the net and onto the other side of the court. ITF Rules Of Tennis Rule 25b

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There is one rule you must be cautious of when volleying close to the net. This is the rule that restricts your ability to reach over the net. You can’t put your arm or racket over the net to hit the ball. Instead, you must wait until the ball has come onto your side and contact from there.

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Volley Tennis Rules (The Basics) Serving: - Must be underhand - Servers feet need to be behind the service line - Serve must go to Center Forward - Center Forward must let it bounce before hitting over the net - A second serve is allowed if the first does not make it over SCORING -Rally scoring will be used.

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Your racquet can cross the net as long as it never touches it. This does not mean you can just start reaching across the net to hit balls before they come to your side. Before you can hit a return, the ball must first cross over the net to your side of the court. (ITF Rule 24)

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Ordinarily, you are not allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis. Your racquet may cross over the net as long as you make contact with the ball on your side of the net, though. You or your racquet cannot touch the net at all or you lose the point. There are rare cases when you are allowed to reach over the net without losing the point, however.

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Volley in the air and volley the ball one more time over the net. This is a more advanced version of the previous drill where, instead of catching the ball, you volley it one more time back over the net. It will help you develop great hands and feel at the net without any need for verbal tennis instruction.

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The rule states that when a ball fails to clear the net, or bounces in any spot other than the cross-court service box, it’s a fault. The game stops completely after a fault to contemplate the next action. This is the first fault, so the player is given a second chance.

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If a ball bounces in your court but spins or is blown back over the net to your opponent’s side, then you are allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball. However, you or anything you wear must not hit the net. If the ball passes around the net posts below the height of the net, but lands in bounds.