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Soccer Red Card Rules - Official With Examples 2021

6. Spitting at someone. Spitting at someone is a red card in soccer. It should go without saying that there’s no place in soccer for spitting. If you spit at someone, the referee won’t hesitate to give you a red card. 7. Getting a second yellow card. In soccer, getting 2 yellow cards equals a red card.

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The only way to avoid receiving a red card during a game of soccer is to know what the rules are around being shown a red card and then doing your best not to do anything that deserves a red card. Below is the list of offenses that, if committed by a player, will lead them to be shown a red card and end their participation in the game.

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While red cards are less common than yellow cards in soccer, you will still see them when you watch a number of soccer games, and they are usually used in situations when a player has severely broken the soccer rules. If the rules weren’t severely broken during a foul, then the referee might give a yellow card instead of a red card.

NFHS 2018-19 Rules Red Cards

NFHS 2018-19 SOCCER RULES Misconduct (Red Card) Rule 12, Section 8 Article 2 (page 62) Red Card Art.2..a player, coach or bench personnel shall be disqualified (red card) for: a. Exhibiting violent conduct; b. Taunting – use of word or act to incite or degrade an opposing player, coach referee or other individual. c. Subsequent caution d.

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Yellow and red cards are part of the disciplinary system in soccer games at all levels. The yellow card is given for minor offenses and deemed a first warning. The red card is given for more serious incidents or for repeatedly bad behavior. In high school soccer, a red card could mean missing several weeks of soccer matches, whereas in ...

NCAA Soccer - Rules of the Game

RED CARD REPORTING Rule 12.3* requires that for every ejection, the referee must electronically file a report within 24 hours of completion of the game on the NCAA Soccer Central Hub website at www.NCAAsoccer.arbitersports.com. It is mandatory that the red card report be filed with the NCAA.

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FIFA rules do not require a player to leave the field for the first yellow card. However, some leagues' rules do. You must go by your league's rules. Soccer Red Card - A player must be shown a Red Card and "sent off" (i.e., made to leave the field) for the 7 offenses listed below. A player shown a "Red Card" & sent off may not be replaced ...


A soccer player or bench personnel is considered “ejected” upon receiving a straight Red Card (NF Rule 12-8-2) and shall be ineligible for all contests for the remainder of that day. In addition, the student shall be ineligible for all contests at all levels in soccer until two regular season/tournament contests are played at the same level