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How to bet on tennis | Tennis betting guide

A few examples of the different types of tennis players are; big-servers, baseline players, defensive players, all-rounders or players who prefer to play at the net. Using players’ head-to-head records and combined hold/break percentage stats on a particular court can be a great way to inform your tennis betting.

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Simply enter the tennis tournament you are betting on, the date, the bet description, your stake, the odds and the bookmaker you placed the bet with. Once the event has been completed, select either Win, Loss or Refund from the Result options and the spreadsheet will calculate your profit or loss plus your running profit/loss and your overall golf betting ROI.

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How to Bet on Tennis: Wager Types. The three most popular ways to bet on tennis are wagering on the moneyline, the game or set spread, or the over/under. 1. Moneyline. Just like in baseball and hockey, the most popular way to bet on tennis is by playing the moneyline — which is another way of saying betting on a player to win the match.

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Over/Under Betting. An over/under bet in tennis is a bet on how many sets the match will take to complete. As is customary with over/under bets, you aren’t required to pick a winner; you only have to pick the duration of the match correctly. In a three match format, you’ll have the option of betting over or under 2.5 sets.

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Total sets over/under. In any tennis game bookies will allow you to bet on the total number of sets played, this is often displayed as a 2 way market. For example, a bookie may offer over or under 2.5 sets in a game, if you bet on over 2.5 sets and there are 3 or more sets played then you win. If there are 2 or less games played then you lose.

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Another and increasingly popular type of sports betting is Over/Under betting. This form of betting is most commonly associated with the scoring in a given t...

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Betting on tennis comes down to picking winners and losers. One of the best ways to start learning how to pick winners and losers is to study some of the legends of the sport. You can see how their styles worked and didn’t work and use that to your advantage moving forward.

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Tennis Totals (Over/Under) Totals are another popular tennis betting type, where you essentially need to decide whether you think the total number of games in a match will be over or under the oddsmaker’s line. The oddsmaker will set a line prior to the match, predicting the total number of games within a match. If the number is 23 games, you would have to decide whether you think the match will have more or less than 23 games.