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Defense - The Crossover Step (Videos) - Breakthrough Basketball

This is the video from the 1st article. There are a lot more movements throughout the video. Defensive stance to crossover to defensive shuffle. Change directions, crossover step to run to defensive stance - at :14 to :22, you will see Sandra doing a combination of different movements with the defense in front of her.

How to Do a Crossover in Basketball (3 Advanced Variations)

1. Make a Dribble / Step Fake in One Direction. The crossover is often most effective when the offensive player is on the move, but it can be executed from a stationary position as well. Either way, you need to get the defensive player leaning in one direction by taking at least a dribble and a step that way. If you are able to take 2 or 3 hard ...

Improve Your Crossover Step to Become a More Explosive ...

A slow crossover step won’t do you much good, but an explosive one can add another weapon to your offensive game while also giving you a tool to quickly cover ground on defense. View this post ...

Drill & Video - Breakthrough Basketball

You will often use the defensive shuffle playing defense within the 3-point line. Watch Kobe Bryant use the crossover step when guarding Jason Terry. You only need to watch the first 40 seconds. Here is another great example of the crossover step being used to harass the defender (#10 - Sandra Sinclair) up and down the court.

How to Do a Crossover in Basketball: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

2. Fake to your dominant side. To do an accurate-looking fake, push the ball to the side you're dribbling it in. Step the way you fake, and lean that way, too. Keep your eyes focused on the defender's hips and midsection, rather than the hands or legs, which the defense will use for distraction.

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6 Basketball Moves You Need to Beat Any Defender

1. Crossover Dribble. The crossover involves bouncing the basketball in front of you from one hand to the other. It’s most often used when a player wants to change directions and they’re not being tightly guarded by a defender who could poke the ball away.

Fundamentals of Basketball Footwork - USA B

The crossover can also be used without the basketball to cut off the offensive player on defense and to gain box-out position as a rebounder. Combining the ready position, crossover, jump step and two-foot jump-stop is a highly effective and disruptive use of proper defensive footwork.

6 Footwork Progressions For Elite Defenders

Quick turn then push step - Now you combine stance, quick turn, and push step. Crossover step and recover - Next, you add how to recover when the offense gets by you or when you need to cover distance quickly. Close outs - Then you teach your players how to close out. Related Resources: Breakthrough Basketball Camps. Jim Huber’s Man To Man ...